Medications for Infant Acid Reflux

 Dosing of Common Infant Reflux Medications

 Treating GERD w/ PPIS; FOUR links:
(1) Treating GERD with PPIS; How this works & there’s a link to DOSING CHART
(2) Dosing & Administration of Medications, PPIs And: this explains some things re: ppis

(3) Explains empty stomach and meals and timing etc 

(4) Here’s more: More explanation about PPIs



FOUR (4) links:

RESEARCH to REVIEW and SHARE w/ you Medical Providers:
(1) Research and References: Infant Reflux Facts and Findings for you and your Healthcare Provider

(2) Links to Articles, Abstracts, Research and References

Note: look at the screenshot that shows the section of the page for you to print out and share

(3) PPI Dosing Memo
Make sure to scroll down to the section of the page that says ‘Example How many doses per day?’

and keep this in mind as you read this page and this section, in particular:

“It seems that the very large majority of docs prescribe the right dose but only have you give once per day instead of three times. But babies metabolize the meds three times faster than adults. I know it seems like a lot, but try to look at it as the dose your doc prescribed; you are just keeping it in baby’s system constantly, rather than letting it wear off completely and then starting all over.” Kelly J.

(4) This shows PPI dosing from the American Academy of Pediatrics: